Thursday, October 21, 2010

Work in progress Colored Pencil by Charloltte Yealey

colored pencil work in progress
My husband and I went to a "Docks Dog" event at Lake Marburg outside of Hanover and I took lots of photos of dogs and people. I was really intrigued with a couple that came to the edge of the lake with 8 dogs. The man walked 3 yellow labs on leashes and a mastif. The girl carried 3 chihuahuas and 1 dachshund. Another man with them had a professional looking camera and was taking their picture. Since I had a zoom lens on my camera, I could get a few shots from where I was sitting. When I saw this shot when I loaded on my computer, I had to do it in colored pencils. This is a shot when I first started the lake in the background and I will continue to post a shot after each hour of work.

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