Monday, March 21, 2011

"Gigi and Loretta" Colored Pencil

colored pencil
Most people that know me know I have dogs and my dogs are certified therapy dogs. I visit nearby nursing homes, adult day care centers and a local grade school with one of them each day for about an hour or more. One of my fond memories was when my Borzoi, GiGi, met Loretta, a resident of the Lutheran home in south Hanover. Loretta is blind and she loves dogs and always had them before living at the home. Like most blind people, her touch is the way she sees and when I walked up to her with GiGi she reached out and felt her face, over her ears and down her neck. GiGi, the wonderfully patient dog for a large breed, stood so still then gently sniffed Loretta's eyes as if to say "I know you are blind and I understand". To preserve that memory, I drew this in colored pencil.

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